Radiance RPG: A Complete Role-Playing Game
in Tesla's Gilded Age of Electrotech


Radiance RPG is a d20-lite game. It is also a philanthropic project. We offer the entire 284-page illustrated Radiance Players Guide as a free download. It wasn't cheap or quick to craft, but we want to share it!

Radiance RPG focuses on the late 19th and early 20th century. That said, it supports any genre—guns, monsters, and/or magic—up to (but not including) today's world. It blends several editions of the world's most popular fantasy RPG. If you've played a d20-based game, you will find familiar terms and situations with nice improvements. For example, a single combat needn't take 3 hours! Scheming to marry off a wealthy princess may prove just as vexing as defeating a dragon. Creating and updating characters and adventures has never been easier in a d20 like system. GM's in will delight over the plethora and usefulness of NPCs, while players will enjoy flexibility and simplicity of growing the character of their heart's desire.

We welcome your input. Please join the mailing list and email us to report any questions, suggestions or praise. Happily, print-on-demand and PDF-based distribution helps to offer minor updates.

Now, look below and get your free download today of the Radiance Players Guide!

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Radiance Players Guide

Behind the bright lights, beneath fuming factories and above dirigible skies, at fey masquerades, or off in exotic lands... mysteries whirl, eldritch magic unfolds, ghoulish tentacles slither, and angels and demons still struggle in battle for our eternal souls.

Join the adventure in a fantasy gilded age of electrotech!

Inside this 284-page game book, you will discover:

  • Familiar d20 rules with splendid simplifications for rapid play.
  • Colorful races: barbaric, exotic, and cosmopolitan.
  • A bevy of classes including the artificer, cleric, gunslinger, medicant, pathfinder, and witch, among others.
  • Ancient deities of all persuasions, and means to access their power.
  • A wondrous trove of steamgear, electrotech, potions, scrolls, spellships, symbionts, and more.
  • Themes such as the believer, protector, and traitor that silo awards along coherent and compelling narrative paths.

Radiance RPG blends the best of editions of the world's most popular role-playing game. You may choose to focus on a fantasia of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. You can even play in a pseudo-scientific future! Alternatively, the system is meaty and flexible to support any campaign setting you may imagine.

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This stand-alone product is available for free as a PDF download. The free PDF includes bookmarks and is optimized for web/desktop/mobile display. The book is improved with use of the Radiance RPG Masters Guide (below).

Download your FREE PDF or HARDCOPY of "Radiance Players Guide" at DriveThruRPG, now available to gamers from international print locales including Australia, UK, and more.

Free color wallpapers, either Desktop Background (1920 x 1080) or Desktop Background (1024 x 768).

Radiance Masters Guide

Maps, monsters, traps, treasure, and more... This supplement for the free supplements the Radiance Players Guide contains a wealth of resources to enrich your adventures in Tesla's gilded world of electrotech.

Master the art and science of leading your own adventures.

Inside this 212-page game book, you will discover:

  • Story ideas, campaign concepts, narrative roles, and alternate approaches to running the game.
  • Over 130 creatures of all types including aberrations, celestials, constructs, dragons, fey, fiends, mutants, and more. Includes new monsters and void-faring beings that are well-suited to a world of Burroughs, Lovecraft, Tesla, and Verne.
  • Over 50 templates to quickly customize monsters.
  • Lethal traps, unpleasant hazards, and tempting eldritch artifacts to challenge the most stalwart and careful heroes.
  • 24 detailed maps with encounter tables.
  • GM cheat sheets to speed up play.

This book supplements the Radiance Players Guide.

Download a PDF or HARDCOPY of "Radiance Masters Guide" at DriveThruRPG, now available to gamers from international print locales including Australia, UK, and more.


Creating game books requires passion, time, and money. The Radiance Players Guide is free as a PDF and all products are sold at-cost. If you enjoy our free products, please consider making a small donation, whatever you can afford from the menu below ($5, $10 or $25).


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